Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I collect Littlest Pet Shops. And I have a favourite one, called Lusanne. She is a dog. I got her for my birthday. See the little monkey with makeup? Her name is Prettytoes. I got her in the same packet. She came with a banana.
And Lusanne came with rope. And I have one more favourite, called Little. And she came with the dog with long ears, and the other monkey.


  1. Your pets look very colourful and friendly, Evie. I bet you have fun playing with them.

  2. Dear Evie, what a lovely blog! I hope that you post something again soon. Love Sandra x

  3. Dear Evie, I think it's time you wrote a new blog post with some new pictures. You got some new pets for Christmas and you should talk about them.

    Love, Mum